Need emergency floodwater removal?

At Envirovac we’re dedicated to solving your water and waste problems for both residential and commercial customers. We offer exceptional service, complimented by years of experience.

We take pride in our professional image and you can be assured that with our waste water clean-team, you’re in safe and professional hands.

We have a full range of specialised equipment to tackle any wastewater removal job or drain unblocking for both residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on being efficient and quiet so there aren’t any disruptions to your day.

We service all areas of Auckland, from Rodney, to Waitakere and Franklin.


Water tank cleaning

If you’ve noticed your water is discoloured or has changed in taste, we’ll come in to give your tank a thorough clean. We can also save you money by repairing any splits or cracks that is causing your tank to leak.

Concrete Tank Repair

Noticing cracks or leaks in your concrete tank? We know how important it is to keep your water tank full. If you notice even the smallest leak, we recommend you get onto it fast, before the problem gets worse. Get your tank repaired by the concrete tank specialists!

Emergency flood water removal

If your home is flooded from a burst pipe, a leaking tap or torrential weather conditions we’ll act fast to manage and remove the excess water. Acting quickly can make all the difference, which is why we have a 24hour emergency flood service.

Cesspit Maintenance Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial business, we can take care of your cesspit needs. Call on us for a one off clean up, or we offer a comprehensive cesspit maintenance programme.

Grease Trap Cleaning And Maintenance

We offer commercial kitchen grease trap cleaning and maintenance services. Our custom built van allows us to clean your grease all in one go without any loud racket. We’ll come to your commercial kitchen and get it done in no time.

Concrete wash and slurry control

Dealing with concrete waste is inevitable whether you’re working on a residential or commercial site. We take the hassle out of disposing the waste by coming to your site, taking it off your hands and disposing it safely ourselves.

Drain Unblocking

We understand the importance of keeping your business and your drain – flowing as it should. That’s why we ensure a fast response, and emergency call-out services for drain unblocking and vacuum truck services throughout Auckland.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Don’t leave septic tank cleaning until it is too late. Regular pumping of your septic tank will ensure your tank’s longevity and minimise risk of foul odours and blockages. Find out more about how we can help keep septic tank working like it should.

Chemical Spill Clean Up

When a spill occurs, you need a professional who can deal with it fast. Our spill response team can handle chemical spills efficiently with a range of different hazardous substances. It’s not worth putting yourself in harms way, call us today.


The team were very polite and professional. They were extremely efficient with their equipment and took great care of our home. Definitely satisfied with the results and would recommend them to anyone.


Tony - Homeowner, Waitakere

The difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ is striking. Adam and his team were very knowledgeable and efficient. The job was finished within an hour and we were more than happy with the job they did.


Sam - Homeowner, Pukekohe