Need to dig a hole for a commercial or industrial project?  

Do it the smarter, safer way using hydro excavation. Or, rather, let us do it for you!

Instead of traditional diggers that can damage underground cables, pipes and utility lines, we use pressurised water to dig with precision and a powerful vacuum truck to remove soil, debris and water from the digging area. It all goes into a holding tank whose contents we take away and dispose of safely for you, in compliance with New Zealand regulations.

It’s faster, cleaner, more cost-effective and better for the environment. Our high-pressure water jets can even penetrate frozen ground!

Hydro excavation is ideal for:

Digging holes for electricity poles and traffic lights
Works on roads, berms and footpaths.
Underground drainage system and utility repairs.
Pipe and fitting replacements.
Restricted spaces that can’t accommodate traditional digging equipment.


Looking for efficient hydro excavation services in Auckland? Look no further. Call Envirovac today!

What is hydro excavation?

Also known as hydro vacuum excavation, hydro digging, hydro trenching or potholing, hydro excavation uses a high-pressure water jet to “dig” holes in dirt and a suction hose connected to a vacuum truck to take it all away. At this point, the material can be reused or disposed of at a designated landfill site.

Soil reuse requires that the material be classified as “clean fill,” which means it contains only dirt, cement, concrete, gravel, brick, topsoil, sand, and/or rubble.

Hydro excavation is gaining in popularity due to its speed, efficiency and safety, replacing manual trench digging and preventing accidental damage to underground cables, pipes and lines, including gas, water, power, phone and fibre optics. For this reason, it is sometimes called “non-destructive digging.” Because of its accuracy, a much smaller hole can be dug, resulting in less debris to clear away afterward.


Need hydro excavation services for your next commercial project?

Why Use Envirovac?  

We are the wastewater disposal experts, servicing greater Auckland, Rodney and Franklin for more than 12 years. Envirovac now proudly offers hydro excavation Auckland companies can rely on. Call or email our helpful, friendly team for your no-obligation quote.

Experienced team

We’ve been doing this since 2008! We have years of expertise in managing commercial contracts and are always compliant with contract guidelines and timelines.

Specialised equipment

Our compact new sucker truck can handle your job effectively, quickly and cleanly, whatever the size of your commercial property.

Efficient service

Don’t waste time or money using traditional digging methods. We make it mess-free and stress-free by handling everything for you.

Better for the planet

We care about the environment. Precision hydro vacuum excavation produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions and leaves more of the land intact.

How does it work?

Before we start digging, we consult utility maps and use ground-penetrating radar equipment to pinpoint exactly where existing utilities lie. Once we know, we bring our hydro vacuum truck to your site and use a pressurised water jet to break up the soil, digging only the area required to complete the work. Next, we use our vacuum truck to suck the soil, debris and water into a holding tank for safe disposal, or you can reuse it on your current project if you like.

Our safe, reliable process allows for quick, clean work, eliminating backfilling while reducing labour and machinery requirements.


This was my first time contracting hydro excavation services, and I’m glad I chose Envirovac. They were able to get their sucker truck into a tight space where a digger wouldn’t fit and left the site so clean, I thought they hadn’t even been yet! Even better, we were able to save money using this more efficient method.


Rachel - Facilities Manager, Ranui

Adam and the team at Envirovac made everything easy for us on a recent infrastructure project that involved digging up footpaths. They quickly and safely completed the job without damaging any underground lines and tidied up the mess for us afterwards. Would definitely use them again, for their other services as well.


Alan - Foreman, Henderson