We’re the water tank whisperers!  

Have you noticed a sudden change in the taste, smell, or look of your water?

It could be time for your water tank to be cleaned. Over time, dirt, leaves, pollen, animal faeces and other materials
can build up at the bottom of your tank. Even tree roots have a way of seeping into your water!

All this build up in your tank can create harmful bacteria, which your family could be drinking!
Consumption of contaminated water can cause serious illness because it can contain harmful germs such as Giardia, Salmonella, E.coli and Cryptosporidium.

To make sure you’re drinking the cleanest water possible, our team at Envirovac will drain and clean your water tank till it’s looking pristine.

Need your water tank cleaned or a crack repaired?

We can work on all types of water storage tanks, including concrete, plastic, fibreglass, or galvanised iron. All we need from you is a quick description of the size and material and we can get the job done fast and effectively.

Our team will get in quick to remove the muck and sludge sitting at the bottom of your tank using specialised equipment that’s also quiet, so you can go about your day. It usually takes us around 30-60 minutes to complete a job and we’ll only use up to 15% of your water.

When is it time to get my tank cleaned?

Rainwater tanks should be cleaned at least every 2-3 years because leaves, dirt, insects, and other materials can build up into sludge at the base of the tank. Waste from birds, possums, and rodents also have the potential to contaminate your water. For homes that have a lot of leaf litter build up, we recommend a yearly tank clean. When you book in a tank clean and service from us we can also offer you a maintenance program to make sure your tank is clean and fresh year round.

How do I know if my water tank is contaminated?

If you’ve noticed your water appears discoloured or has a foul odour, it is likely to be contaminated. The smallest change to the conditions within your water tank can create a breeding ground for bacteria, causing sickness and other health issues.

If not properly looked after, microbes and bacteria are able to harvest in your water tank and in worst cases can take as little as 20 minutes to grow and spread. To avoid these types of dangers, a full drain and clean of your water tank is required.

Water Tank Repairs

Most people don’t realise they have a crack in their water tank until its been completely drained or when it’s become too late and water starts seeping out.

If your tank needs to be drained to check for cracks or if you’ve noticed your tank leaking, give us a quick call and we can send out our team to drain and repair your water tank fast.

What if I have a crack in my water tank?

As soon as we arrive we’ll assess your situation and give you a quote onsite to make sure you’re satisfied with what we can do. Once you’re happy, we’ll drain your tank and give it a good scrub if needed, so we can clearly see what we’re dealing with.

We use our specialised equipment and A-grade cement mixture to fix the cracks whether they’re inside or out, and then finish with a waterproof sealant. Once the curing time is finished we’ll vacuum and rinse your water tank making it spotless and looking brand new.

How long will I be without water during a repair?

For a repair job you will generally be without water for 24 hours. This allows enough time for the repair to be carried out and ensures that the sealant will set.

Adam came out to our home to empty our water tank after we noticed a change in taste. They emptied the tank to give it a good clean and also discovered we had a small crack, which they were able to fix. The guys were really good and I have already recommended them to others.


Hailey - Homeowner, Pukekohe

The guys at Envirovac helped me out earlier this year when we needed to repair our water tank. They took the stress out of my hands by being able to empty the tank and repair it quickly. They were also able to clean it for us too and I didn’t realise how dirty our tank had become until after they were done.


Tom - Homeowner, Drury