If you are running a restaurant, café or a business where the kitchen is in heavy use, you’ll understand the importance of grease traps in your operation.  

Grease traps are no place to cut corners, as one that is poorly managed can create huge problems for your business such as potential closure or heavy fines relating to trap blockages, overflows or regulatory violations.

At Envirovac, we specialise in grease trap cleaning so that you can have peace of mind knowing your business is operating in a clean environment and is in compliance with current regulations.

What makes our grease trap cleaning different?

To clean your grease traps, most handymen will make multiple trips in and out of your premises, removing the grease with loud machinery.

We use state of the art technology, which allows us to clean your grease all in one go without any loud racket.

Our expert team arrive promptly with our specialised grease removal systems which are extremely quiet, meaning there’s minimal disruption to your property, so you can carry on with business as usual.

We’re setting a new standard…

We know your business deserves the best, which is why our team arrive in professional and appropriate attire, along with a specialised van which is dedicated specifically to grease trap cleaning.

This means we operate faster than other cleaning services and that we’re very discreet.

We take pride in our professional image and you can be assured that with our team you’re in safe and professional hands.

Why is grease trap cleaning important?

A grease trap is filled with animal fats and vegetable oils mixed in kitchen wastewater, which flow through your plumbing before they enter sanitary sewer lines.

Without regular maintenance, grease can easily build up and become clogged in your lines causing a large back up of a horrible sight and stench. This build-up of grease can harbour an increase of vermin and disease-causing organisms that will pose a serious health risk to yourself, staff and customers.

Our team at Envirovac are trained experts who will empty, clean and maintain your grease traps. We remove the grease and sludge from your traps and interceptor systems so that we can perform an accurate inspection to ensure that everything is up to standard.

Envirovac Grease Trap Cleaning Programme  

Worrying about expensive sewer back-ups, clogged drain lines and foul odours should be the last thing on your mind when running a business.

At Envirovac we can customise a grease trap cleaning programme for your business so that you can have the mental freedom to focus on other things.

We’ll create a programme that will keep your traps and drains in great shape, by providing regular scheduled maintenance. Our experienced team will make sure your systems are operating in peak conditions, helping you avoid expensive emergency repairs.

Get in touch with our team here to discuss your businesses cleaning programme.

Recently we had a severe odour in our kitchen where the majority of our employee’s work. Envirovac came in promptly and were able to identify the problem with our grease traps immediately. They managed the entire cleaning process in a timely manner and we will definitely continue to use them for future cleaning.


Katy – Café Owner, Botany

Adam and the team are very polite and professional. We were a bit worried about the problems we were facing with our pipes, but Adam answered all our questions and gave us all the right information. The team took all the correct measures and we were very happy with the work of the team as they took care of everything.


Don – Restaurant Manager, Manukau