Finding yourself in the middle of a flooding emergency?  

When the worst happens, acting quickly can make all the difference.

Flooding disasters can happen at any given moment and always occur unexpectedly at the worst time. Whether it’s from a leaking tap, a burst pipe, or torrential weather conditions, our team at Envirovac offer a 24-hour emergency service, meaning we’ll act fast on your flooding situation.

Sure, it is just water, but don’t mistake the disastrous damage it can do, especially if you wait until the next day to resolve it. To save you from having to replace all your belongings (especially the carpet) we’ll get in quick to assess the damage and remove the excess water before any mould gets the chance to grow.

*For our 24-hour emergency service we charge a call out fee that is determined by the time it takes to get to your home.

What not to do after a flood:

Don’t use your household vacuum to remove excess water.
Don’t leave wet fabrics in place; it is best to hang them up outside or somewhere with airflow.
Make sure you don’t leave books, magazines or other coloured items on wet carpet or floors.
Never turn on ceiling fixtures if your ceilings are wet. It is also much safer to stay away from rooms where the ceilings are sagging.
Avoid using your television and other household appliances.

What should I do after a flood?  

Before you move any belongings, document the damages for insurance by taking photos and writing down all the details. This will help make sure that nothing is missed when it comes to making a claim with your insurance provider.

Call your insurance company to clarify the extent of your coverage and get the all-clear to remove the water. Once your insurance provider has said it’s ok to remove the water, give us a call and we’ll be on our way.

Before we arrive, it is best to have the majority of your belongings (or what can be salvaged) stored away so we can remove the excess water. This will help prevent further damage to your items.

If you enter the floodwaters, make sure you’re wearing waterproof gear. Although the water may look clear, it could be contaminated by sewage or household chemicals.

What about insurance?  

When it comes to insurance, the best thing you can do during a flood is to take pictures of the damages. If you start to remove excess water or begin repairs before you take pictures, you could potentially decrease the extent of your coverage. It’s always best to have as much evidence as possible when making a claim.

I got in contact with Envirovac after finding my workshop was flooded after a really bad storm earlier this year. The guys came in and were able to clear everything for me so they were awesome. They knew exactly what they were doing and even gave me tips on drying the rest of my store out.


Blake - Homeowner, Grey Lynn

The Envirovac team were quick to come out to our home when our washing machine happened to flood our garage, leaving us in puddles. The guys were very friendly and removed the water very fast, which helped us dry out the garage.


Tash - Homeowner, Manukau