Are you struggling with a blocked drain?

Maybe it’s time to take the plunge and call a specialist.

Blocked drains aren’t just a nuisance. They’re unhygienic, often smelly, and could easily lead to something far more sinister.

Undiscovered leaks caused by blockages can result in water damage, which can be hugely expensive to fix. And if the blockage is caused by an overzealous tree, it’s likely the tree growth is causing damage elsewhere, too.

Do you have a drain that needs unblocking?

Residential Blockages:

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues – especially in older homes. Most of the old villas in Auckland still have their original plumbing systems, which have either degenerated or are subject to years of gradual build-up. The overzealous tree is quite fond of these systems also.

There can be several possible causes for a blocked drain in your home. Food, hair, or fat-burgs are some of the usual culprits.

Whatever the cause, blocked drains can result in a moist spot for bacteria to breed in your kitchen or bathroom. Blockages can also eventually make it into sewer pipes, causing an overflow of untreated wastewater. Both of these scenarios are potentially dangerous for you and your family’s health.

Commercial Blockages:

Blocked drains and toilets in a commercial setting can be a real cause for concern. These drains are often exposed to a higher volume of use than residential drains, meaning that blockages are more complicated and cause greater disturbance.

Issues around blocked drains and sewer systems can also be a real liability for your business. This is a situation that needs to be dealt with quickly and properly.

Stormwater Systems

On private property, be it commercial or residential, stormwater drainage is the responsibility of the property owner.

Leaf litter build up is usually the main culprit of a blockage and in dry weather, this can go unnoticed for a long period of time. All it takes is a sudden torrential downpour to create a rapid flood, overwhelming the drainage systems.

Dealing with stormwater systems requires specialist knowledge and tools. We use our high-pressure hydro flushing to quickly clear any blockages, before vacuuming any debris from your stormwater drain – getting everything back to normal in a flash.

So how can Envirovac help?

We understand the importance of keeping your business – and your drain – flowing as it should. That’s why we ensure a fast response, and emergency call out services for after-hours issues.

In this scenario, there’s no time for trial and error. We use the latest technology, tools, and equipment to quickly assess and resolve the issue.

Our state-of-the-art CCTV drain inspection equipment bends with the curves of any given pipe to allow us to see what’s causing the problem. Once we have a diagnosis, we cut out and remove the blockage. If required, we can also use high-pressure hydro flushing to dislodge any blockage and then vacuum up the debris.

We’re so confident we will get it right the first time that we offer upfront costs with no nasty surprises (except for what may be in your drain, of course).

We’ll also be upfront with timing throughout the process, and work as discreetly as possible so you can carry on with your day.

Don’t let a blocked sewer system or drain hold up you or your business. Call us right away to see how we can help.

It’s always a little embarrassing asking for someone to unblock your toilet, even if they are a pro. I called Envirovac without giving too much detail, but Adam came prepared. His polite manner and happy demeanour made the experience more bearable than I’d expected. I will most certainly be using them again.


Gladys - Homeowner, Morningside

Our old flat has a number of issues, so we weren’t surprised when the kitchen drain started to play up – again. Adam was flexible and easy to deal with – he was over the next day! And the landlord never hit us up about the price either - which for him is pretty rare.


Ben - Tenant, Sandringham