What to do during and after a flood

Before a flood:

If you have any electrical equipment on the floor such as heaters, stereos or TV’s etc. place them on higher objects or raise them so they aren’t touching the floor.
If you have time, construct barriers (beams or floodwalls) to stop any floodwater from entering your home.
For insurance purposes take photos of your home for some ‘before’ shots, if required for when making an insurance claim.
Take any valuable items you have with you when evacuating your home.
Bring in any outdoor furniture and move essential items to an upper floor or higher ground.
Switch off all utilities at the main switches and disconnect all electrical appliances. DO NOT TOUCH ANY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT IF YOU ARE WET OR STANDING IN WATER.

During a flood:

To stay updated listen to the radio for current news or keep an eye on the TV’s if you have access to one.
Flash flooding can occur at any time, so if there is a possibility of a flash flood, move quickly to higher ground instead of waiting for instructions.
Be cautious of streams, drains and other areas known to flood quickly. Flash floods can happen in these areas without warning, so it is best to avoid at all cost.
Stay indoors on higher ground and avoid driving.
Avoid walking through moving water. Six inches of moving water can make you fall onto something that you cannot see under the water.

After a flood:

Stay away from floodwaters that could be contaminated by oil, gasoline or sewage.
Avoid drowned power lines and report them to a power company. This could electrically charge the water so it’s best to stay away.
Return to your home only when authorities have given the clear.
Be very cautious when entering building because there could be hidden damages, especially in the foundations.

Flood facts:

A foot of water can float many vehicles.
Six inches of floodwater will reach the bottom of most passenger cars, which means you can loose control and possibly stall.
Two feet of rushing water is strong enough to sweep away most vehicles.