Is it time to drain your pool?  

Get your pool ready for summer with Envirovac pool cleaning

There are many reasons for draining the water from your pool. Maybe there are minerals in the water that have become too concentrated to maintain a healthy chemical balance, or perhaps you need it drained to make repairs to the pools surface.

Whatever the reason, our team can come in with specialised equipment to empty your pool promptly and efficiently. Whatever your pool is made from, whether it’s concrete, gunite, or fibreglass, we can get the job done quickly.

Why should I drain my pool?

Pool experts recommend that every 5-7 years you should replace your pool water.
Since your water is subject to harsh chemical and biological remains such as dead skin, oils and hair, pool water can no longer be effectively treated after 5-7 years.
Draining your pool and getting it re-filled not only creates a better swimming environment
But can also stop surface damage that dirty water can cause.

How often is should a pool be drained?

As stated above, it is recommended to drain your pool every 5-7 years,
However exactly how often can also depend on your maintenance schedule.
The best time to drain a pool is during mild seasons
Because it can prevent unnecessary sun, heat or moisture damage to the surface and filtration systems.

Don’t let your pool turn green!  

Have you noticed a change in the condition of your pool water?

Our team at Envirovac can get it clean again, by draining the water from your pool and using an energy-efficient cleaning system that will remove any dirt or grime from the surface.

Draining your pool to be cleaned should be left to the experts because a botched DIY job can cost significantly more to fix than getting in a specialist.

The team at Envirovac responded quickly to my query and were able to get out to my home fast. They were a lovely bunch of guys who did an excellent job at emptying my pool for repairs. Will certainly use them again in the future.


Alison, Mount Roskill

Envirovac had excellent customer service and were very professional. They were very reliable and now my pool looks brand new.


Jenny, Flatbush